Our School

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible through the martial arts!

We teach Kajukenbo, America’s first mixed martial art! We are constantly improving our curriculum, teaching methods, and facility to give you and your family the best training possible.

We also stay away from the egotistical, we know there is always something more to learn, and encourage our students to do whatever it takes to grow through the martial arts.


Our juniors program is for pre-teens. We teach them the same material as our adult class and prepare them for the real world!

4S Ranch Kids Karate Activities

We’re more than just a karate school. We’re a place to hang out and have fun… we’re a karate family.


What makes your 4S Ranch Kids Karate program different?

Our 4S Ranch martial arts school offers many events for your family to enjoy. We believe that if you are going to grow through the martial arts, our school has to be like another home.


Weapon seminars, dodgeball, nerf shooters, laser tag, Easter egg hunts, St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunts, Turkey Hunts, birthday parties, family classes, self-defense seminars, bully proofing seminars.

Do you charge for your activities?

It’s hard to walk very far without spending extra on your kids to give them the best experience life has to offer. That’s why our 4S Ranch kids karate program offers events every month that are free for your family.

So anyone can learn a weapon?

We don’t believe in charging extra to learn a martial arts weapon. Our demo team learns advanced weapons without paying extra. Our basic staff and nunchuck forms are taught monthly. Special weapon seminars happen as well, we just ask you pay for the weapon to participate.

Who supervises your 4S Ranch Kids Martial Arts Events?

Our instructors love teaching and interacting with students. So they facilitate and run all our events. Our head instructors are all CPR/First Aid certified, and all started out as students at our school. We love knowing that the 4S Ranch kids we first taught run all our martial arts events.

Can anyone sign up for events?

Actually yes you can. We wanted to make our events open to everyone. Because of this, you can sign up through our app, even if you are not a student at our school. It also makes it easy if you are invited by a friend, check out our app below. We offer special promotions, summer camps, and all our curriculum.

Testimonials about 4S Ranch West Coast Martial Arts Academy

Karate Birthday Parties

Voted Best Birthday Parties in San Diego West Coast Martial Arts Academy offers fun, action-packed events where your child is a Black Belt for the day!


Many of our instructors have come up through the ranks. A black belt is a white belt who never gave up!

Will Deutschendorf

Owner/Chief Instructor

“Beware of the thief in the street that is after your purse, but also beware the thief in your mind that’s after your promise.”  Jim Rohn

Robert Reyes

We may encounter many defeats but we must NOT be defeated.

Maya Angelou

Tabitha Viselli

Always expect the unexpected.  It’s not whether you get KNOCKED DOWN, it’s whether you get up.