Finding a group that makes a person feel socially accepted, learning to be confrontational if needs be, learning to be extroverted if you have to. These some of the in which martial arts helps.A parent came into our school this week and was very open and honest about the experience.  They live in Rancho Bernardo.  She explained her child had been bullied at school and saw an ad for martial arts helping with bullying.  She brought her child in but honestly didn’t see how martial arts could help.  I couldn’t help but agree with her understanding of martial arts.  It is not like we can teach her kids to hit someone in the throat if they hurt her feelings.

Listening to her describe the situation intently, I thought of my own daughter and what I intended martial arts do for her.  I don’t feel I adequately answered her question, never being great at verbally describing things without first writing it out.  So here is biggest factor for bullying I could come up with.

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