Why does a 4S Ranch Karate school need an App?

I hate checking emails, I equate it to what it felt like to do homework when we were kids. That’s why we created an app to keep parents in the loop. If there is something important coming up we will just shoot you a push notification. Can’t remember if we have class? Contact us immediately through the app!

Do I need this if I am not a student?

If you plan on checking out our school, our app is a nice service that is free and shows you why we are different from other 4S Ranch karate schools. We give you access to our curriculum, sign up for events, and earn money for giving us referrals all through the app!

How do I access the curriculum?

All of our material is available through the app, you can also watch drills for empty hand and weapon techniques. If your just looking for some extra training material, you can always check it out. Just give us some credit if you see something you like and decide to teach it.

What’s the studio code?

Our studio code is the number for our 4S Ranch martial arts school:

Still confused?

Head over to our contact us page and we will help you the old fashioned way.

Click the link below to download our app for iPhone or android. Sign up for events, view our online curriculum and find out what our program is all about!