Our juniors class is the same as our adult curriculum.  Some students who start younger move into the juniors class,when they graduate warrior program.  For,that reason, we have a wider range in our juniors than in most of our kids classes.

We encourage our pre-teens to grow.

We teach kids how to carry themselves to reduce the chance of being bullied.  They also learn the self-respect they need to not let bullying keep them down. Martial arts teaches many skills other than self-defense.  We want our juniors to be confident and not afraid to speak up if they see something wrong.  We also want them to be able tocontrol their emotions no matter what the situation.  Lastly, to have the discipline to not take the easy road.

Students are expected to practice just as hard as they work towards their adult black belt.  For that reason, we push them.  This is because we want to prepare them for uncomfortable life situations.  Regardless, our pre-teens and teens still have fun.  By preparing them physically, mentally, and spiritually, they are ready for what life is going to throw at them.




Junior Program

  • Secondary School (Adult Curriculum)
  • Training for Adult Black Belt
  • Techniques Available Online
  • Sparring Classes Weekly
  • Learn Practical Self Defense
  • Learn Locks, Throws, Weapon Defense


Juniors Class Schedule  

TuesdayNo Class
FridayNo Class
Saturday11:15AM - 12:15PM

Pre-teens and teens learning to stick together