In our 4S Ranch parkour summer camp, your kids will learn:

Coach Josh talking about our camp this year!

-Each day of parkour camp builds upon the previous day.

-Students will learn the fundamentals of parkour movements and safety. We have a matted facility and foam blocks to prevent injuries.

-Students will also learn to navigate challenging obstacle courses and participate in unique creative parkour based games.

-Your child will learn a ton of useful skills and return home completely exhausted after each day of camp.

-New unique parkour skills and movements each day of camp.

-Improved ability to balance improved ability to land properly. We have rails and truss to learn how to swing, precision, and drill more advanced movements.

-Increased ability to assess risk and reward. Keep your kids safe while they train parkour in 4S Ranch.

-Important ukemi skills (the art of falling) to keep your child safe in their training in and out of the gym challenging.

-Obstacle courses that encourage critical thinking and adaptability.

-Strength training and mobility related to parkour and climbing “Parkour Vision” the ability to look at objects and see what parkour value they potentially have.