Our Junior Warriors program is designed for kids 4-6 years old.  Our group classes teach a character development program as well as a martial arts curriculum designed for kids.  Pre school kids shouldn’t learn the same self defense moves as adults!  We design our programs so kids learn things they can understand!

4s ranch kids karate


Our Warriors program is for 7-10 year olds.  We add in kickboxing moves along with their self defense techniques.  Although elementary age kids can handle more than pre-school kids we keep our curriculum basic.  Adding in a few throws and takedowns to make the kids see why good technique matters!


Our Juniors program is for kids 10-14 years old.  These kids learn the same content as our adult class but at a slower pace.  We implement catch submission wrestling, kickboxing, and self defense techniques from Kajukenbo to give them everything they need to be a great martial artist.  Students learn confidence by challenging themselves to master moves that are too tricky for our kids classes.  


Our adult program is fast paced, constantly changing the curriculum and evolving it to be the best it can be.  We rotate self defense and sparring days so you can pressure test your techniques, keeping the class moving so you can learn and lose weight at the same time.  Martial arts can be great stress relief, it shouldn’t be one more thing on your to do lsit for the day!






What makes our Karate school in 4S Ranch Different?
We truly believe our 4S Ranch Karate school has the best instructors, facility, and community for you to grow and feel welcome in the martial arts. West Coast Martial Arts Academy was founded by Master Giuseppe Aliotta, who runs the Encinitas location. He has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Kung-fu, and more. In other words, the fighting arts are his life. Our 4S Ranch karate school started out with 5 black belt instructors, and although the black belts have changed, the quality has remained the same. Ready to get started? First, fill out the form above. We will contact you soon!
What does our martial arts school teach?
The art we teach is Kajukenbo, a self defense based art for the streets. Our sign on our building says Karate in 4S Ranch, but our system was actually America’s first mixed martial arts! It combined Karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, Okinawan Kenpo, Chinese and Western boxing. As a result, we focus on real martial arts, not just showy acrobatics or dancing. That means the self-defense techniques are meant to be used for life or death, not necessarily in a ring.

That doesn’t mean we don’t spar of course, but we want our students to gain the benefits of training from an actual martial arts system. Some schools prioritize character development over martial arts, we believe martial arts teaches character! I am sure you have seen some martial arts schools in 4S Ranch like this.

As a family we have been going to West Coast Martial Arts Academy for about two years now. We have watched our kids grow in self-esteem and confidence and mum and dad are also having fun learning new karate moves. Will (the owner) is a great mentor to our kids, always encouraging them to be respectful and teaching them core values. West Coast Martial Arts Academy is more than a school… it is a family. We have so many wonderful friends there and love all the extracurricular activities that are offered.
Caroline DiBattista

West Coast Martial Arts Academy is the school you have been looking for. It is a perfect mix of traditional martial arts (kung fu and karate) and contemporary MMA (boxing, kickboxing and bjj). We do light continuous sparring twice a week so you can learn how to apply your techniques in a mentally and physically safe environment. If you’re looking for a place to bang and beat people up this is not the school for you. If you are looking to learn and better yourself physically and mentally then this is the place for you.
I have been a student of martial arts my whole life but I did not reach my full potential until I started studying at WCMAA. The environment, the community and the instructors bring out the best in you.
Peter Califano

At West Coast, the art being taught is Kenpo Karate, and other mixture of Shaolin Kung fu which are the top self-defense in martial art.   The focus at West Coast is for students to learn the art and through it the self-discipline necessary to master the art.  It teaches students to be able to defend themselves in real- world situations and to have the confidence not to use it unless it is the last resort.  West Coast facility is almost 10 times larger than [other school], and the monthly cost is less.
Mana Sriphet