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What Makes Our 4S Ranch Kids Karate Program Different?

Our 4S Ranch martial arts school offers many events for your family to enjoy. We believe that if you are going to grow through the martial arts, our school has to be like another home for you and your family.  

Some Of Our Events Include :

Weapon Seminars

Some martial arts styles teach weapons training as a precursor to empty hand fighting.  We believe that weapons training teaches the body to have a better connection to generate power and efficiency when striking.  Our weapons program is designed to add a fun factor while simultaneously being practical.  It’s not like your kids will need to use nunchucks as self defense 4S Ranch parents!  But learning there are only so many angles of attack and how to use your surroundings wisely is an important skill.


Everyone loves a good game of dodgeball!  Our dodgeball games are legendary, sporting the perfect 3500 square feet of mat to host games, we have gator balls designed to be as soft as possible on contact without losing the speed.  Dodgeball is great physical activity and we make sure to mix it up with plenty of different versions of the game.

Nerf Shooters

We can easily change our mat into an epic battlefield with our own nerf wars.  Use ours or bring your own, it’s the perfect way to let kids have fun shooting without the headache of gathering up the bullets and the pickup.  Check out our Nerf Shooter Birthday Party for more information!

Laser Tag

In the past we’ve turned our school into the perfect mobile laser tag location.  Feel free to rent out our space late at night for an undisturbed game against your buddies!  You can turn up the music loud, set up your own arena and team up for one epic showdown.  

St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt and Easter Egg Hunt

During spring we like to host our own Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  There’s nothing quite like being able to run around the school hunting for eggs against your classmates.  We always see who collects the most based on your age so they can win a special prize.

Turkey Hunt

This time the kids aren’t hunting for eggs or coins, they’re hunting for instructors.  Like a boxing match from the depths of the underworld our instructors run rampant for 2-3 minutes while kids attack with foam weapons, dodgeballs, and nerf bullets.  Kids love to get a chance to beatdown the instructors and we think it’s important to not let our instructors’ beaks get too big, we leave our ego at the door for this one.

Family Classes

Parents have to be involved!  And we could all use the exercise right?  Put on some gloves and don’t be afraid to jump into your kids martial arts Rancho Bernardo and 4S parents!  Hoping to train each week with your child?  We’ve done different family classes in the past and hope to have implemented a weekly class by the end of 1st quarter 2023!  Check our app or our events page to see if the family class is up and running!   

Self-defense Seminar

Don’t be fooled by the kids karate 4S Ranch and RB parents, as we’ve said before we teach kajukenbo, a martial art designed for street self-defense.  We will take you from awareness, to de-escalation, to escalation and practical self-defense techniques.  We want to arm you with knowledge so you know who the real threats are.  Armed with a Masters in Criminology our head instructor wants you to use awareness, confidence, and practical ideas to protect yourself.  

Bully Proofing Seminars – Teaching Kids Self Control

Rancho Bernardo and 4S parents often come in asking for help with bullying.  We try to teach parents that bullying is not going away, but what can change is your child’s resilience and ability to handle it.  Kids often need to learn when it’s okay to let something go and when it’s okay to protect themselves.  We are here to teach the difference between being violent and protecting yourself. 

Where Do I Sign Up?

That’s the great thing about our school, you can sign up right in our WCMAA app available for both android and ios.  You can also copy the link and invite your friends, too!  We know kids want to have fun and enjoy activities with their friends.  We all have busy lives and a weekend can go by in a flash, if you don’t plan it time can get away from you.  Enjoy the benefit of one place where you can access your students’ training information, curriculum, events and school announcements.  Check out our app page for more information!

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