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Adult Catch Submission Wrestling

Both West Coast Martial Arts Academy in 4S Ranch and Encinitas are affiliates of Erik Paulson’s catch submission wrestling and STX Kickboxing program! Since 2018 West Coast Martial Arts Academy in 4S Ranch has been affiliated with Erik Paulson’s CSW program!

What Is Catch Submission Wrestling?

Catch submission wrestling is the perfect complement to our self-defense system. Catch wrestling is different from traditional Greco-Roman wrestling, it’s called catch-as-catch-can, meaning you are allowed to go for any hold you want. Although the head instructors of West Coast Martial Arts love Brazilian jiujitsu, catch wrestling just fits better into the Kajukenbo paradigm. Catch wrestling doesn’t focus on grip fighting in uniforms. Many jujitsu schools also shy away from leg attacks until you’ve trained for years. Catch wrestling just jumps right into leg attacks. West Coast Martial Arts Academy in 4S Ranch is happy to incorporate CSW into its core curriculum for black belt.  

There is something special about the grappling arts. You can’t focus on the traffic going from 4S Ranch commons to the freeway when someone has their arms around your neck. It takes a lot of discipline and courage to go round after round, knowing that you may be fighting an uphill battle. It’s that kind of resilience we want to infuse into our students so that it carries over into everyday life. Most people don’t take advantage of being able to breathe, but wait until someone sits on your stomach and takes that away from you. Sitting in traffic calmly might not be so bad.

The Whole Martial Arts Package

Our 4S Ranch & Rancho Bernardo school has been dedicated to providing the most complete martial arts experience possible. We want our students to feel we are their one-stop shop for their training needs.  We want our kids’ self-defense programs to be a jumping point into more serious martial arts training.  Mixed martial arts gyms have striking and grappling available, but they don’t have the years of teaching kids martial arts to back that up. We’ve learned over the last decade and a half how to break movements down into chunks, so our kids can absorb the most possible from their martial arts training.  

Is Catch Wrestling Safe To Train?

One of the primary jobs of our instructors is to keep an eye on the intensity level and experience level of our students.  If you just came from a CrossFit class in Rancho Bernardo, martial arts training may be tough that day. Other times, someone just comes into class with a chip on their Shoulder, it’s our coach’s job to watch the class and keep you safe. We promote an environment of growth, not smashing our partners into the ground.  

Although everyone has their own opinions, some believe that grappling is safer than striking.  There are elements that make grappling safer for kids. Some consider it less violent. As a martial artist, 4S Ranch middle schooler may not want to break someone’s nose with a palm strike. Our martial arts kids learn they can de-escalate a situation with grappling if running isn’t an option.

How Is Catch Wrestling For Self Defense?

Catch wrestling is grappling, just like Brazilian jiujitsu. A lot of moves commonly used in Brazilian jiujitsu have their origin in catch wrestling, like the Kimura lock. Ken Shamrock, a legend in the UFC, was a catch wrestler. Like Kajukenbo, many catch wrestling moves can be devastating, with the right amount of focus and practice.

Erik Paulson is a fantastic martial artist, but he’s also an amazing teacher and coach. With his expertise, he has developed a breakdown of essential movements that all beginner grapplers should learn. This basic system makes it easy for the average martial artist to have a foundation to use against a fellow grappler. 

Are There Any Other Schools That Teach Catch Submission Wrestling In 4S Ranch Or Rancho Bernardo?

No, currently West Coast Martial Arts 4S Ranch is the only location in San Diego certified to teach under Erik Paulson.

Can My Younger Children Learn Catch Submission Wrestling In Their Classes?

We let the pre-teens (JUNIORS CLASS) learn catch wrestling in their classes. We stick with the kids’ karate and kickboxing at our 4S Ranch location until they reach the Juniors class. Furthermore, we don’t want to overwhelm our 4S Ranch students with too much self-defense training.  Although we have worked hard to make sure students have the best of all arts, it can be tricky at 7 years old to learn the best of all arts. It’s important to note grappling can be complex, it’s for this reason Brazilian jiujitsu students can’t earn their blue belt until 16 even if they started young, a rank that takes an adult typically 6-12 months to earn.

It also takes a certain amount of self-control for students to improve. Grappling can be lots of fun, but it takes discipline and focus to improve. We want to keep the focus on martial arts training on the mat, and that means keeping our curriculum age appropriate.  

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