Learn Parkour In 4S Ranch In A Safe Training Facility

Our 4S Ranch location has been offering parkour classes since 2014. Since then, we have had many great instructors teach kids how to move in a way, they didn’t think possible. Kids use focus and concentration to do things they didn’t know were possible. Let us help your child go from balancing on a block to a rail. Let us teach your kids how fun moving can be.  

We currently offer a beginner and advanced class each week. Students are encouraged if they enjoy the program to schedule a one on one with our parkour instructor. Classes will be expanding now that Covid regulations have ended in 4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo.  Interested in coaching? We highly recommend the Freedom in Motion Coaching course, you can find it here!

What Is Parkour?

The easiest way to describe parkour is by calling it outdoor gymnastics. Kids learn how to vault over objects, jump off things safely by rolling, climb up tall walls and balance across beams.  One goal of parkour is to move from point A to B as smoothly as possible. Another goal is to make each movement your own, finding ways that make your body unique and developing them to master your own body.  

Many of our martial arts kids enjoy parkour because they are synergistic.  The more control you have over your body, the better it responds when you need to block, punch, or jump over a wall!  Parkour is also a substantial form of physical activity!  The amount of energy it takes to jump across 3-4 objects, climb over a wall and roll off to another object is insane!  Most kids come home tired but very happy!

Is Parkour Safe?

The nice thing about parkour is you can practice it anywhere, just like martial arts! Oftentimes, running around the 4S Ranch business park without enough experience or learning safety can be risky.  Instead of jumping off rails in the Rancho Bernardo business park, come inside our safe facility and learn the basics. Our head coach has been doing parkour since he was very small and will make sure your kids learn the proper mechanics to be jumping for a long time.  

We have mats in case a bail goes horribly wrong. All of our equipment is made of foam, so you can practice without getting injured.  We also make sure to use crash pads just in case something does go wrong at the last second. Spotting students on new moves is also a high priority. It can be hard to get kids to focus in 4S Ranch, but when they are planning how they will jump over 2 blocks and land on a beam, there isn’t a lot of room for daydreaming. At the same time, if they make a mistake, you know they will be able to dust themselves off and try again. 

What Kids Usually Benefit From Our 4S Ranch Parkour Program?

*Kids who want to learn to do parkour but don’t have a safe space

*Kids who like to compete against themselves and see how far they can push themselves

*Things like ninja warrior have always interested them, and they want to learn how to be a ninja

*Enjoy doing another sport but want to find something fun to do that’s good cross-training for their dominant passion

*Know they can concentrate but have a hard time channeling it.

What Are Classes Like?

Students can expect the following in each class.  It’s important to note that although we have two locations, only our 4S Ranch / RB location offers parkour classes.

Warm up

The days of static stretching and counting are over. Our class’s warm-up using whole body movements, helps reduce the chances of injury and improves students’ athletic performance.  

Fundamental Skills

Students will be working weekly to hone their skills, using their own bodies to gauge their progress on different movements. Some movements may take time to master, but the coach will always figure out a way to help students learn, so they can progress using our safe equipment.  


For the more advanced classes who have learned focus and confidence, students will be working on acrobatic movements. These can start with something simple like a forward rolls handstands.  Once better self-control is achieved more advanced movements like flips will be introduced.  

Goal Setting

Just like martial arts, the parkour classes promote students learning how to set and achieve goals. We push our students to hit targets, so they can keep growing.  

Cool Down

Its important kids learn to cool down after an activity, especially if you live in 4S Ranch. Lots of 4S Ranch kids are shuffled from martial arts to dance to Kumon, it’s important to take a second to check in with your body and slow your system down.  

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