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Glen Whitman

Rancho Bernardo, CA

Meet some of our students who have benefitted from our program. Some of these 4S Ranch martial artists found us when they were just little karate kids. Others found us later in life, had either trained martial arts before coming to Rancho Bernardo or had never trained in the martial arts at all. Read about their experiences and see if West Coast Martial Arts Academy in 4S Ranch is for you.

“My experience at West Coast Martial Arts Academy has been outstanding. The instructors not only provide you with a sense of purpose and focus but also a welcoming spirit. They are the most experienced group that you will possibly find in the industry. The individual attention you get from them no matter the class size is immeasurable. I can assure you that this provides immediate confidence knowing they really want you to succeed in your goals. WCMAA is truly dedicated to seeing your individualized growth both mentally and physically giving you the preparation you may need some day in a real-world situation. The self-discipline and character building this provides for both the children and adults is equally important. Personally, it has been inspiring to see my own progress from an unfit novice to one with much improved flexibility, focus, and competitiveness. I cannot emphasize enough how much they have improved my own well-being and can do the same for you.”

Ashwath Raj

4S Ranch, CA

Achieving my black belt with Hank and Will at the West Coast Martial Arts Academy was an immense personal milestone for me before going to USC for my undergrad. Every day, I work to maintain the spirit they taught me: to focus, to persevere, and to grow toward my goals. Whenever I bowed and set foot on the mat, I knew I would be training my body and my mind. Today I am proud to say I have developed the mindset of a competitor, a challenger, and, one day, a champion.

Robert Reyes

Escondido, CA

“When I first joined WCMAA, I was a very shy and passive person. Thankfully, WCMAA staff helped me feel supported enough to step on the mats and try a class. Since then, I’ve never wanted to stop coming back. Years later, the confidence, strength, and fitness I have gained is beyond what I ever envisioned. The fun, friendly, and safe environment WCMAA provides along with expert instructors is second to none. I would recommend to anyone of any age to try a class and not to pass up the opportunity to gain lifelong benefits through WCMAA training.

James Gaudi

Rancho Bernardo, CA

WCMAA has had an incredible impact on my life. Training here taught me self control, discipline, and humility, which have all been invaluable throughout my life. The physical fitness also provided a great outlet for my energy and an activity to look forward to multiple times a week.

Peter Califano

Rancho Bernardo, CA

One of the best things to ever happen to me was when my son joined an after school karate program at Westwood Elementary school run by West Coast Martial Arts Academy. My son was hooked and when the program ended he begged to continue in his training. We shopped around and took introduction classes at several other schools but it soon became clear that WCMAA had the best program, best facility, and best prices

After a couple of weeks of taking my son to class, I joined the adult program, and just like my son, I’ve been hooked ever since. I had trained off and on my whole life, the instructors did a great job of meeting me where physically and skill wise. Although I had experience I had never really stuck to a program. That changed when I joined the WCMAA family in 2012, and in November of 2021 I earned my 3rd degree black belt.

WCMAA is so much more than a martial arts school. It is a community that supports and motivates each other to be better. The school has evolved with the times, incorporating kickboxing, grappling, and other elements of MMA, while at the same time always being accessible to people of all levels from parents looking for a fun way to exercise to athletes looking for a place to hone their skills.

David A. Isley

West Coast Martial Arts Academy – Student

A few weeks ago, Sensei Will came to my 5-year-old daughter’s school to teach Martial Arts to some of the children there. The first day she started, I was curious as to what exactly will be taught; so, I went to the school to watch her. My focus at the time was not how she would do, but how she was being taught and by whom. I was immediately impressed with Sensei Will’s teaching methods with children. I knew then that I could trust him with teaching her correctly.

I knew then that I could trust him with teaching her correctly. Being a former Marine of almost 12 years, there was no way that I could teach her the way she should be taught; as we are taught to protect/defend differently. In other words, I wanted the best for her. She completed the 1st Kidztyme Program (2016 school year) and received her certificate in Hawaiian Kempo Jiu Jitsu. Afterwards, the two of us signed up to be trained professionally.

Today (11/12/16), Sensei Will gave me what I was looking for . . . the best. My daughter came to the dojo for the second time, but this time it was different for her. There were lots of other students, close to twenty children. She got scared and did not want to participate. I could not convince her to go onto the floor with the other children. I even told her that I was also scared. Sensei Will noticed, came over to us. I told him she was scared and did not want to do it. He looked at her, talked to her in a calm manner and asked her if she wanted to go to his line and work with him. She did. Afterwards, she told me that she “really” did like it. Cool.

As for myself, I announced to some of my friends what I was about to embark on, and they thought I had lost my mind or experiencing a midlife crisis. LOL. Why? Several reasons.

(1) I’m 53 years old

(2) In a Ph.D. program (Natural Medicine) scheduled to graduate 2017

(3) Can I keep up with the younger students

(4) working a fulltime job.

My question to them (friends) is: why aren’t you doing it. Honestly, I was a little weary – age, doctorate program, stamina/endurance. These last two training sessions pushed me harder than I’ve been pushed in a long time. Like others have mentioned, there are several qualified instructors on the floor at all times to guide you in the direction you wish to go. They will push you, as much as you want them to. My thoughts:

  • Age is only a number . . . it’s a frame of mind. Get it out of your head that you are getting older.
  • As far as school, this allows the mind to remain focused. I know what I need to do and what it takes to reach my goals.
  • The question is not whether I can keep up with the younger students; but can they keep up with me.
  • As for work, I attend the evening groups and weekend (which are AWESOME).

I cannot remember all the names that I’ve worked with so far or met but I do want to thank you all for what you are doing not just for me, but for my daughter, and all those that seek your instruction as well. You are an EXCELLENT group of dedicated teachers that know your stuff.

Sensei Will / Hank / Roberts / Peter / Tabitha

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