Demo Team

Join Our 4S Ranch Martial Arts Demonstration Team!

Learn advanced techniques and forms that will stun crowds and impress your friends and family!

How High Can You Climb?

Want to join an elite team of martial artists? Our 4S Ranch martial arts demonstration team is the perfect goal to strive for.  See how much you can learn and do at the highest level.  

Our demonstration team has performed at the following events:

  • 4S Ranch Street Fair
  • The Rancho Bernardo “RB Alive” Street Fair
  • The PQ Cinco de Mayo Street Fair
  • The Boys and Girls Club in 4S Ranch and Poway
  • Boys Scouts of America
  • Birthday Parties

Taking Your Train Further

When we started our 4S Ranch martial arts school, our demonstration team was mostly the instructors. Eventually, some students really started to develop their focus and skills, so we decided they should start performing as well. Being on the demonstration team is a big commitment, but it pays off. Students don’t just learn the basic curriculum, they practice movements that are more visually impressive to watch and enjoy. Some things are more flowery forms or techniques. Our 4S Ranch martial arts school stopped teaching just because we wanted to focus on more self-defense and fighting. Just because a martial arts form isn’t as practical as sparring doesn’t make it less fun to learn or watch!

Students Learn:

How to break boards with different parts of their body.  How to break multiple boards, eventually moving up to bricks and even cinder blocks.  

Learn different martial arts forms and techniques from 5 Animal Kung-fu, Hung gar, Wah Lum, Tiger Claw Kung fu, and more!

Coordinating martial arts forms with another person, or doing 3 man attacks, or showing weapons battling against each other.  

Learn self-defense techniques that can be more dangerous and have more complex falls and throws.  Movements that take perfect timing from both partners to perform.

Learn martial arts weapons that are not normally taught in our basic curriculum.  Weapons like the Chinese broadsword, straight sword, fan, rat tail staff, XMA staff and Nunchucks, 3 section staff, and more!

Learn more acrobatic movements like how to kip up, do complex rolls and flips. 

This Training Is Limited!

Not all students are allowed on the demo team, when a few members leave we do a try-out period and let some students try out and join.  Our kids have to show they have the self-control to practice without an instructor standing over them the entire time.  We have had our 4S Ranch kids practice their martial arts movements for 15-20 minutes without a break.  It takes that level of drive and commitment to be a part of the team.  

How Demonstrating Helps Us Grow

Improves our confidence performing in front of others

Validates our abilities and builds self-esteem

Builds community and connection with the other members of my school

Helps push me to grow in ways I couldn’t do in my normal classes

Gain some prestige and pride in being an elite member of the school!

Make Joining The 4S Ranch Martial Arts Demonstration Team Your Goal!

Let us know below you are interested in joining the team and be notified the next time there are tryouts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically limit the number of students to 20 on the demonstration team. 

They currently meet once a week for practice.  Even if our 4S Ranch karate kids have a busy schedule, they have to be showing they can organize their time and practice on their own, otherwise they will lose their spot on the team.  

We have had some 4S Ranch parents tell us how much extra recitals and performances cost them.  We don’t charge extra for our demonstration team, we want students to help represent us!  If a student needs extra practice outside the demo team, they will have to pay for extra lessons, but the demo team itself doesn’t cost anything but the uniform.  

We require students to attend every Friday demo team practice unless they are sick. Friday nights can be a tough night for students to make through. There are a lot of events other than karate in 4S Ranch. We have a monthly demo performance at the school on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and students are expected to be able to make performances like the Rancho Bernardo Street Fair and other events.  

We totally understand things come up and people can’t make it to every practice. At the same time, we can’t reserve anyone’s spot on the team and will replace students who are leaving for long periods of time.  

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