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Bounce House Theme Party

Our bounce houses are kept on site in a storage unit reserved especially for parties.  They are cleaned after every party with the same cleaner we use on our mats to keep them in great condition for the next party.  We have a wide variety of bounce houses for kids to choose from.  Let us help you celebrate your child’s special day!  our Bouncy houses are always loads of fun especially with our variety to choose from. We have 2 slides, 4 classic bounce houses, a big boxing ring, and an awesome velcro wall. You can choose from a 10 and 22ft tall bouncy house for the slides, not to mention the 24×24 foot water slide bounce house! The classic options include two multicolored 11×11 foot, and two 13×13 foot houses, one boys and one girls! The boxing ring is a great choice, it lets you fight anyone and everyone without hurting each other, making sure everyone has a great time. Our massive velcro wall lets you throw yourself into a giant wall without a care in the world. Tired of standing? Hang out on the wall! No matter what bouncy house our houses pick, it’s a guaranteed blast!

Not Every Martial Arts School In 4S Ranch Can Fit 5 Bounce Houses Inside! Check Out Our Options:

Classic Bounce House

We have 4 classic bounce houses: 2 multicolored at 11x11ft, a multicolored boys at 13x13ft, and a pink girls bounce house at 13x13ft as well. These bounce houses are great for renting out all day for some fun for the kids while you hang back and relax.

Velcro Wall

Did you get stuck at work this past year?  Why not get stuck at a bounce house party right here in 4S Ranch instead?  Try our giant Velcro wall and see how high you can fling yourself into it. We have suits for kids and adults, and it can be a blast at the end of any home made obstacle course! Who can jump the highest? Who can get to the wall first? No matter what it’s a blast!


We currently have a smaller 10ft. Slide that’s perfect for ages 10 and under.  The bigger 22 foot slide can be fun for kids and adults and allows for two people to race at the same time up and down.  The larger slide is so big we had to lift our lights just to make space for it, you have to try it!  

Boxing Ring
Is it time for Fight Night at the 4S Ranch martial arts school?  Have you been itching to jump into a ring and well…jump?? We have a giant boxing ring sure to fulfill all your smashing desires. This bounce measures about 13x13ft and is awesome for kids and adults!

How Do The Bounce Parties Work?

Bounce house parties are just like what you would expect from pump it up, you have a facility setup and the instructors walking around supervising your kids.  Some key differences would be the price(yes we have all endured a pump it up party)and the facility.  Your renting the facility so you don’t have to worry about the cleanup, you also don’t have to worry about coordinating a pickup with someone.  You get to rent the facility and enjoy hanging out with friends and family while the kids play.  That being said, there are some games and configurations that can be requested.

Small Slide + Boxing ring + Normal Bounce House 

This option is great if you have a combination of bigger and smaller kids.  The boxing ring comes with two foam staffs the kids can use to battle each other with our staff watching them.  A lot of 4S Ranch families enjoy this option.

Mr Will did an excellent job with my son’s 7th birthday party.

He was helpful in every possible way. Listened to our requests, delivered more than what was promised with the inflatable slides, boxing ring setup. Followed through and got it all done despite the short notice. We had a fantastic experience with West Coast Martial Arts Academy, I will definitely use their services again. The party was Amazing! We got so many compliments thanks to Mr Will and his team. Thank you Mr Will for creating a memorable experience for our son.

Basic Party Includes

  • Our Parties run 120 minutes with 90 minutes of games
  • Includes up to 20 participants. +$10 per additional participant
  • Full Waiting area with 5 tables and plenty of seating
  • Additional time may be added to $90 an hour
  • Pricing depends on the number of bounce houses:
  1. 2 bounce houses (any) $449
  2. 3 bounce houses (any) $549
  3. 4 bounce houses (any) $599
  • Any party with the 22 foot slide is an extra $199 since it takes so much time to pull out and put back (it’s 600 pounds)
  • This price includes a 20% tip for our instructors who run your party

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