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Adult And Kids Karate 4S Ranch And RB Families Can Access Anywhere

We implemented our WCMAA app during COVID to help students train at home.  Since then it has become a great way for us to give kids extra ways to practice, stay engaged with parents and make it easier for parents to check their kids’ attendance, techniques, and belt level.  Everyone has a device these days, why not take advantage of it and use it to stay engaged wit your martial arts training?

The Whole Martial Arts Package

Our 4S Ranch & Rancho Bernardo school has been dedicated to providing the most complete martial arts experience possible. We want our students to feel we are their one-stop shop for their training needs.  We want our kids’ self-defense programs to be a jumping point into more serious martial arts training.  Mixed martial arts gyms have striking and grappling available, but they don’t have the years of teaching kids martial arts to back that up. We’ve learned over the last decade and a half how to break movements down into chunks, so our kids can absorb the most possible from their martial arts training.  

What Does The App Do?

  • Tracks the program your child is on
  • Tracks their attendance
  • Lets you access curriculum and technique videos
  • Lets you contact our staff right away via text message
  • Gives you immediate access to school events
  • Makes it easier to take care of anything you need, a new uniform, scheduling lessons, rescheduling lessons, it can all be done easier through the app.  

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is download the application.  Once installed it will ask you to create an account, you can use your gmail or any email address, it will also ask you for the studio code(8584515425).  Once you have received the confirmation email and go back to the application you are all set.

Why Does A 4S Ranch Karate School Need An App?

We hate checking emails, we equate it to what it felt like to do homework when we were kids. That’s why West Coast Martial Arts 4S Ranch and RB created an app to keep students in the loop. If there is something important coming up we will just shoot you a push notification. Can’t remember if we have class? Contact us immediately through the app!

Do I Need This If I Am Not A Student?

If you plan on checking out our school, our app is a nice service that is free! It shows you why West Coast Martial Arts Rancho Bernardo and 4S is different. We give you access to our curriculum, events, and earn money for giving us referrals all through the app!

How Do I Access The Curriculum?

All of our material is available through the app, you can also watch drills for empty hand and weapon techniques. Redirect a kids focus 4S Ranch parents to practicing martial arts on our app!  If you’re just looking for some extra training material, you can always check out the drills or merit badges as well! 

Aren’t You Worried About Someone Stealing Your System?

There are only so many ways to block, punch, throw a kick, break an arm, choke someone out, etc.  We teach nuances in our art and in our classes but if your training martial arts and our app helps you that’s fantastic.  We are all about personal growth and development, so check back often for new content.  If you are another instructor and want to check it out, go for it, just give our school the credit if you see a cool drill you like or technique and teach it in your class.

Will This Really Help Me / My Child Practice?

Look, this is what martial arts is all about.  This application is a great reference tool and a way for you to reach out to the instructors if you are having a problem.  But you still have to put the time in to make sure you get better.  If you just decided you were going to review the videos for the 3 minutes it takes to show one while practicing it you would be such a better martial artist than if you just sat around and waited for the nxt class.  You also gain the benefit of top of mind awareness, you’ll be thinking about training more, ask more questions when you are training, and have better ideas about the possibilities.  You still have to do the work even if you have an app with all the moves in the world on it.  

One of the dilemmas of martial arts training is you generally need someone to practice on.  There are solo drills in here that work great but at the end of the day you really need to put the time and effort in with a partner, too!  Message the instructors online saying you want to find a time to come in with a training partner and use the space.  We will do our best to make it happen.  If you are a WCMAA 4S martial arts student who wants to practice their karate, Rancho Bernardo is sure to have someone somewhere.  

What’s The Studio Code Again?

Our studio code is the number for our 4S Ranch martial arts school: 858-451-5425

Still Need Some Help?

Head over to our contact us page and we will help you the old fashioned way.

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