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Adult Self-Defense / Kickboxing

Adult Martial Arts Hybrid Striking Program

Our adult self-defense and kickboxing program is a combination of the self-defense techniques taught in Kajukenbo and kickboxing techniques taken from Erik Paulson’s STX Kickboxing program. It combines striking from boxing, Panatukan, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Savate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai. We are the only school in 4S Ranch or Rancho Bernardo teaching this style.  

STX kickboxing lets students learn to combine punch and kick techniques with their elbows and knees. Skills are pulled from each style to work in MM, kickboxing, or self-defense situations.  Whether it’s using focus mitts, heavy bags, or drilling with a partner, students get a great workout and can really see a difference in their body and mind only after a few weeks.  

This is a great class for dropping some pounds, making some new adult friends, and is appropriate for all skills levels.  

Regardless of how big you are or what you may know, everyone who jumps on the mat wants to keep themselves and their loved one’s safe.  You’ll learn techniques that will use your opponent’s strengths against redirecting your opponent’s force, especially if they’re bigger or stronger than you, and we’ll match you with a fighting style perfect for your unique speed and body type. With this level of training, you’ll feel limitless in no time!

Master Martial Artist Down The Street

Many 4S Ranch martial arts schools teach a version of Kajukenbo, but we have an edge. Our school has been in the same palace for 15 years, and we’ve done nothing but grow and expand our program. Our Encinitas location has our head instructor, Master Giuseppe Aliotta, just twenty minutes away! He comes in to teach martial arts seminars at our 4S Ranch location all year long. It’s fantastic to have access to someone with such a wealth of knowledge.

Up To 7 Classes A Week!

Our adult class program offers up to 7 classes during the week for our students to train in!  If you have the free time, that’s a great way to get in shape and learn self-defense at the same time!  4S Ranch Karate schools often have students training with people under-aged, but starting in January our Adult classes will be adults only, with Teens welcome in the class but split off after the warm-up.  

We Endure SO Many Difficulties In The Modern Age!

Unlock the Transformative Power of our 4S Ranch Martial Arts School!
Work Stress

With project deadlines, dashing from work-life to home life, it can be hard not to crack under the pressure. Let us help create a place where you can focus on yourself.  

Low Self Esteem

Maybe you’re going through a tough life transition, trying to either create a new identity or feel like your old self.  Meet some new people and make new connections.  

Loss of Control

Feel like you just can’t quite keep up?  Like you’re being dragged from one activity to the next?  Don’t just distract yourself and curl up on the couch, there’s so much more for life to offer you.  Let us help bring back your ambition!

Anxiety and Fear

Are you starting to feel like something bad is around every corner, even though you live in 4S Ranch or Rancho Bernardo?  We can teach you the self-dense you need to protect yourself.  Let our martial art help you feel safe in 4S and RB.

Feeling Stuck?

Have you reached a glass ceiling at work?  Is there a mountain you’ve reached, and now you just see a plateau?  Let our martial arts classes give you some new direction and drive back in your life!

The 4S Ranch Martial Arts Workout Of A Lifetime

Never stand around waiting for someone to get off a machine again.  Our 4S Ranch martial arts program for adults is practical, we work on pushing, pulling, and squatting movements every class to help strengthen the large muscle groups you need.  We know self-defense movements use the whole body, so we make sure your whole body is strong, not just your beach muscles.  

Squeeze Back Into Your Old Clothes and Tighten Your Muscles

There’s no such thing as “leg day” or “arm day” at our 4S Ranch Martial Arts school!  Every session uses the whole body because we know that will help you get quick results.  Burn a huge amount of calories and gain the mental health benefits of a stimulating exercise program.     

You will:

  • Feel less stressed
  • Have increased confidence and focus
  • Connect with other adult students
  • Realize you have the discipline to pursue other life goals
  • Have more positive relationships at work and home
  • Align better with your own inner strength and abilities 

Let our 4S Ranch Martial Arts Program Become Your Personal Development Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re going to leave workouts with an endorphin rush and adrenaline rush, feeling positive and great overall.  This is going to put you in the perfect mindset, even if you have a “home office” right here in 4S Ranch in the garage, you’ll be ready for what your team leader or colleagues will throw at you.

Our martial arts program is about technique, strength will always help in fighting, but learning to have perfect technique is our goal.  Focus on learning, we will help you compensate for any size, stature, strength, or ability level.  

Of course!  In just as few classes, you will have some tools to redirect conflict and fight off attackers.  You’ll also learn part of self-defense is awareness and how you carry yourself, too!

The friendships our students have developed have lasted a lifetime.  You may meet someone with a common goal, or meet someone you never thought would become a close friend.  If meeting new people in 4S Ranch has been tough after Covid, let martial arts bring you together.  

Sure, you can even bring your spouse! Some couples love training together on the mat. Even if you just need someone with you on the first day, and they don’t plan on continuing classes, bring anyone for support.  

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