Nerf Gun Party

We don’t just offer martial arts parties in 4S Ranch. Grab your bullets and eye protection because it’s time for war.  Welcome to our Nerf Shooter party! Our 4S Ranch martial arts school is turned into a battleground as we split our mat in half for an awesome battle of a lifetime.  Complete with obstacles set up perfectly for a one on one battle, team battles, or a free for all. We have a variety of Nerf guns to choose from to make sure everyone in your party is well equipped for their exhilarating showdown. All of our obstacles are set up using our numerous foam parkour blocks and cushioned crash mats to make sure no-one gets hurt.

Turn Our Mat Into A Warzone And Enjoy The Benefits Of Our Indoor Nerf Party:

Tons of Game Options

There’s a variety of games to choose from that make this party a hit with 4s Ranch kids.  Karate games are fun and all but let’s turn up the heat with some nerf games.  Some kids are less aggressive and may just enjoy using our bags for target practice.  Other kids enjoy the team work of a good old fashioned capture the flag game.  There’s always a last man standing or free for all options as well.

Custom Terrain

With our selection of over 30 foam blocks, there is a limitless amount of customization for your battlefield.  If kids start to get bored with a certain setup it’s as easy as changing a map in a videogame to bring the excitement back!  Why drive around 4S Ranch or Rancho Bernardo when we can just rearrange a few blocks  while your kids have a water break?

Use Ours or Bring Your Own Guns

We have a wide selection of pistols and machine guns for the kids to choose from with a nice big bag of 500 bullets.  If that isn’t your jam you can always bring your own guns and use them instead.  We do recommend if your gun uses the same bullets as ours you don’t bother bringing your own bullets.  We have plenty to spare.  

Easy Cleanup

No wandering around looking for bullets in 4S Ranch.  Our martial arts school is the perfect place to have your battle and not fight over whose bullet was whose.

Create Your Own Fortress

Kids love being able to take a corner of the school and turn it into their own nerf fortress.  Kids are welcome to take a few minutes and design their own barricades, walls, and cover.  Aside from our foam blocks the kids can use our base bags, kick shields, hand pads, crash pads, and judo mats to make their own walls and cover.  It can be just as much fun to plan your defense as it is to shoot at each other.  

Safety First

There can be a lot of accidents that happen in nerf wars.  Kids can get shot in the eye or have head on collisions because they are distracted by enemy fire.  We make sure our birthday parties are safe for your kids.  We provide eye protection so your kids don’t end up being a pirate for their next Halloween.  We also avoid many injuries with our foam terrain and padded mats. You can relax and enjoy watching the party without worrying someone’s going to lose an eye.  

Basic Party Includes

  • Our Parties run 120 minutes with 90 minutes of games
  • Includes guns for up to 20 participants.  +$10 per additional participant up to 30
  • Eye Protection for up to 30 kids while they play
  • Guns and bullets provided for up to 30 kids (note that some of our guns are pistols)
  • Full Waiting area with 5 tables and plenty of seating
  • Additional time may be added for $90 an hour
  • If you have a preference on which games to play or rules for the games let us know in advance.
  • Costs $449

*This price includes a 20% tip for our instructors who run your party

“My son wanted to celebrate his 8th birthday at his favorite place outside of school, West Coast Martial Arts (WCMA).  We arranged with Will and his incredible team to throw an epic Nerf battle party for my son and his close friends.  WCMA staff were on time, super helpful and interacted with the kids amazingly.  Parents were able to relax as their kids blew off their energy and had fun.  My son rated his party, “10 out of 10!” thanks to the dedicated, passionate team at West Coast Martial Arts.  We had a day that we will remember forever.”

-Justin Umpierre

Want to spice up the party with some 4S Ranch self defense moves?  No we are not teaching kids nerf gun disarms, but we can add some 4S Ranch kids karate training into the party, just ask!

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