Our History

West Coast Martial Arts Academy was founded by Master Giuseppe Aliotta. Master Aliotta began his journey in the martial arts in 1978 in Long Island New York, studying boxing, wrestling and practicing martial arts. As a high school letterman, he wrestled Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling.Starting West Coast Martial Arts Academy in 1993 Master Aliotta has touched countless students’ lives. Master Aliotta actively teaches at his headquarters located in Encinitas, California, and also makes appearances at his sister school in the Rancho Bernardo/4S Ranch area.

  • Teaching Martial Arts since 1990s
  • Owner West Coast Martial Arts Academy Encinitas ca. 92024
  • 7th Degree Black Belt Kempo under Stephen B. Demasco and Sijo Sonny Gascon. Karazenpo.
  • Sifu level Instructor Fu Jow Pai ( Tiger Claw Kung fu) under Grandmaster Wai Hong and Master Tak Wah Eng
  • 1st Degree Black Belt Red Dragon Jiu Jitsu under Kyoshi Richard Spatola
  • Black sash Hung Ga Sifu Jeffery Michaels
  • Purple Belt Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Nelson Monterio
  • Pekiti Tirsia under Tuhon Mike Popolizio
  • Kuntao Silat under Tuhon Roberto Torres
West Coast Martial Arts in 4S Ranch / Rancho Bernardo

In 2007 Master Giuseppe met 5 black belts who had been training martial arts next to Rancho Bernardo in Rancho Penasquitos. They had been training under United Studios of Self Defense under Danny Hoang.  Although they enjoyed Shaolin Kempo as a variation of Kajukenbo, the five black belts had become disillusioned with the large organization. Sensei Danny was a great instructor but because of his loyalty to the organization the 5 black belts felt they should train elsewhere.  

With Master Aliotta’s vast martial arts experience, the black belts flourished. With nothing but a love for martial arts, the five black belts decided to open a school in the 4S Ranch business park, right between 4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo.  They opened their first class the first January 2nd, 2008.  

How West Coast Martial Arts Academy in 4S Ranch Has Evolved

Over the past 15 years, our 4S Ranch martial arts school has continued to grow. The five black belts taught a hybrid of Shaolin Kempo and the Hawaiian Kempo taught by Master Aliotta. Their goal was to teach students so that they would see a variety of ways to move as all three had their own unique frames and abilities, not unlike the concept of the five animals of Shaolin Kempo. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, not all the founding members were able to stay and teach out of the 4S Ranch location. Two instructors had to move, one decided it wasn’t what he envisioned, and one passed away.  

Although many of the founding black belts have moved on with their lives, one founding member remains here in Rancho Bernardo. Will Deutschendorf continues to teach and run the martial arts school under Master Aliotta. He has also had the unique privilege of training under elite martial artists like Coach Mel Menor (https://www.m3ttraining.com/), Master Mario Gajo and Coach Erik Paulson (https://erikpaulson.com/). His priority has always been to help students grow through the martial arts physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  

Our Logo

The Tiger represents: 

Fighting spirit!  Our attitude is never give up, no matter how dark things get keep moving forward!

The 3 stars represent:

The 3 rules of the school:

  • Respect : Not just for your classmates, but respect for yourself.
  • Self-Discipline : Our martial arts school knows it’s going to take discipline for our students to movie  forward, especially in competitive places like Rancho Bernardo and 4S Ranch
  • Self-control : Kids AND adults need to learn to control their emotions, we know that often kids reflect their parents’ behavior, we want all our students to learn to master themselves.
The triangle and circle represent:

Martial arts is all about angles.  Our system teaches how to angle effectively, using circular and linear movements to their advantage.

The leaves represent:

Youth-The young are the ones who inherit everything, especially our martial arts.Courage-The young also must have the courage to change.

The club represents:

Grandmaster Adriano Emperado, one of the 5 original founders of the Kajukenbo system (Hawaiian Kempo).

The shape represents:

Never ending and constant energy.

The 5 colors represent:

5 original masters who fled the burning temple in China.  Also, the 5 founders of Kajukenbo.  For 4S Ranch, we like to think it represents the five black belts who helped start our martial arts school here. 

The mind, body & spirit represent:

There is a deep connection between the mind, the body, and the spirit.  We know by martial arts training, one can strengthen that connection. 

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