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Celebrating 15 years of teaching martial arts in 4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo

Looking for martial arts in Rancho Bernardo or 4S Ranch?  We’ve got you covered!

We’ve been helping kids develop focus and self defense through the martial arts since 2008!

Our kids martial arts programs instill self control, respect, and leadership.

Let Us Be In your Parenting Corner!

Parents have it difficult today raising kids, our kids karate lessons are designed to target today’s challenges. In the digital age with cyber bullying and so many distractions, how do you teach your kids discipline and self-control?  

West Coast Martial arts has taught kids essential life lessons through rewarding physical activity for years in 4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo.  We aren’t just another 4S Ranch karate school. We teach kids focus by combining traditional styles while at the same time integrating new martial arts paradigms.  We keep self defense practical but disguise repetition so you can enjoy each workout.  Kids will benefit from physical activity that’s fun, but also learn discipline, respect, empathy, confidence, and leadership.   This is martial arts Rancho Bernardo and 4S families can believe in!

Our 4S And RB Martial Arts Program Is Best For Kids Who Have:

  • Awesome personalities but can be seen as shy instead of observing before they act.
  • Amazing talents but because of self-esteem issues don’t always see it.
  • Dreams that require self-motivation and confidence to achieve.
  • Very strong bodies and minds but have focus issues due to ADD or ADHD.
  • Lots of energy but end up putting it in dopamine fixes like YouTube or video games, gluing them to the couch.

You’re Getting More Than Just Martial Arts-

Fosters Empathy and Compassion

4S and RB are nice neighborhoods, but we want our kids to grow up in a better world too!  But we know when it comes to changing the world they are going to be the key players.  By learning short term goal setting, we teach kids to aim high and reach their dreams step by step.  They learn they can’t reach those big goals alone, they must learn to treat others the way they want to be treated, to empathize with others, and to think of others before themselves.  

Promote Teamwork and Learn how to connect with others

We know that people who are alike tend to like each other.  Kids learn to come together through training together.  They learn to push each other through friendly competition to reach their goals.  Karate teaches kids to focus not just on themselves but their classmates as well.  They learn to watch out for each other, standing up for their friends and classmates should bullying or threats come their way.  Embracing what makes each person different as a martial artist teaches kids to do the same thing in life.  

Learn Listening Skills and Concentration that last a lifetime

Martial arts teaches kids to respect higher belts not because of strict dogma but because they will see themselves immediately begin to grow through the martial arts.  Once they realize being coachable is important, they can develop better concentration and communication skills with their teachers and classmates.  This realization promotes learning to communicate better with others off the mat. 

How Long Does It Take To Achieve All This?

Parents ask, “How long does it take to achieve black belt?” What they really mean is, “When will my child develop all of these skills?”  Through our philosophy many kids begin developing these skills in a matter of months.  Kids karate lessons can sometimes quickly change kids for the better.  Some have a harder time with one skill over another, but they will constantly see it reinforced on the mat.   A black belt is a great accomplishment and we reserve it for students who have developed as a whole, we can’t say for certain “when” it will happen.  

Our martial arts program will develop a “black belt attitude” in their minds long before they achieve one. Our 4S and Rancho Bernardo karate school has done its best to provide a flexible weekly schedule, accommodating online tools and resources, and a commitment to developing character that has resonated with many now black belt students.  All of our black belt instructors were once kids in our program who grew up and gained the black belt mindset they needed to succeed.  

We want each student to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the martial arts. Let our 4S Ranch kids karate program be a vehicle of change for your child.  Give our 4S & Rancho Bernardo kids martial arts program a try today!

Come Belong To A Growth Mindset

Martial Arts wont change you overnight.  Students do not get better in a day.  They get better daily.  Kids self control can take Rancho Bernardo and 4S kids time to develop.  The important thing is to create an environment they want to be into help facilitate that kind of change.

There can be big changes in your child quickly at first, but it will be in the skills, tools, and knowledge that give them real power.  

More classes mean more physical activity and more health benefits of course, but it also teaches kids discipline and commitment to their goals.  This kind of commitment gives 4S and Rancho Bernardo kids confidence to last into adulthood.  

Learning Responsibility And Personal Agency

Have you ever worried about your kids being on the right path?  How much effort have you placed in them not following bad examples?  How about avoiding negative influences from online and their friends?  Our character program gives kids self control that Rancho Bernardo and 4S parents students need to avoid these pitfalls.  

We want to facilitate change but also support your parenting.  We want to be another tool in your parenting tool box to help make sure your kids reach a bright future.  Our kids karate program in 4S Ranch can do this for you.

Through the character development they learn doing martial arts, we want children to learn to follow your lead.  If not more important, however, we want to teach them to make responsible decisions on their own when you aren’t around to guide them.  We can boost kids confidence in Rancho Bernardo students to help them make the right choices.

Control Conflict But Be Prepared

Our students learn conflict resolution, not just to strike when trouble comes their way.  We don’t want to ever see our kids have to defend themselves, but we do want them to understand how to if the need ever arises.  We never want to see kids use their Martial Arts skills in the outside world, but we also believe understanding how to respond to a threat is crucial in today’s society.

Learning to use self-defense as a last resort is crucial.  We want our kids to de-escalate situations first, avoid confrontation, but not be afraid to defend themselves if absolutely necessary. 

Come check out our kids karate in 4S Ranch business park. You’ll find us between 4S Ranch and Rancho Bernardo with kids martial arts classes happening after 5pm Monday through Friday!

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