Parkour Birthday Party

Parkour is an exciting and awesome sport that links speed with style! Our parkour party teaches the basics of parkour from our normal parkour classes which includes learning how to properly climb and move over objects without injury. This theme is a safe way to make sure your party is an absolute blast for everyone involved.

Our instructors will give you a dynamic experience that will be a great experience for all your friends and family!  As with any of our 4S Ranch birthday party themes we make sure to give you ample time to set up any decorations you want in the waiting area.  We provide plenty of tables and chairs so that you can accommodate plenty of guests.  

Here’s How The Parkour Party Works:

Group Warm-Up:

Not everyone in 4S Ranch has done parkour before, we want to make sure that there is a proper warm-up to minimize any chance of injury

Get a Taste of Parkour:

We begin with a short introduction lesson ensuring guests know how to climb around safely, nothing too intense, this is mostly to build 4S Ranch kids confidence.

Custom Obstacle Courses:

Our facility has one huge benefit, it’s all matted and our obstacles are made of foam.  That means we have hundreds of configurations we can make to suit any age group.  Want to be the next ninja warrior?  We are ready for yo

All Kinds of Games:

Learning to jump is great and all but this is a party!  We make sure to play lots of games that incorporate the parkour kids learned. 

Cake & Food:

We have a party area you can decorate beforehand and use for cake or food.  There’s no rush out of here, enjoy some time to mingle with friends, family, and guests!

Basic Party Includes

  • Our Parties run 120 minutes with 90 minutes of games
  • Includes up to 20 participants. +$10 per additional participant
  • Full Waiting area with 5 tables and plenty of seating
  • Additional time may be added to $90 an hour
  • Pricing starts at $499
  • This price includes a 20% tip for our instructors who run your party

Overnight Ninja Warrior Party

Parties may also be booked overnight and last until the next day’s morning.

  • Sleepover parties typically begin at 7:30 pm and have a pickup time of 8:00 am the next morning.
  • The party includes a 90-minute beginners lesson and a full night of games and play.
  • Lights are typically out between 10-2am. May request specific sleep times.
  • Stress-free order pizza directly through us.
  • An overnight Sleepover party is $70 per hour with an 8-hour minimum length.
  • Includes up to 15 participants +$25 per additional participants

Parkour can really be a blast!  Our 4S Ranch birthday parties have a wide variety to help you enjoy a unique experience.  If you have a special request for the party please let us know.  We want to make the day as memorable for you as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that you limit it to 20 kids for our basic program.  Unlike other 4S Ranch martial arts schools we can fit plenty more, and can go up to 40 kids no problem.  At the same time we want to have extra staff on hand so you can enjoy your party, so if you plan to have more than $20 let us know.

No matter what package you pick, we have the same format, it will be an hour of fun/games, 30 minutes for food/cake, and then another 30 minutes of games/freetime.  If you have a special request for more games or are not doing food please let us know. 

Yes!  If you have a theme to the party please play some music or something catchy for the kids!  We have a surround sound system that works very well inside our 3500 square foot warehouse.  The nice thing about teaching martial arts in the 4S Ranch business park is when it’s party time we can blast the music as loud as we want!

Due to past incidence(no we are not kidding)we do not allow any outside beverages.  And yes because of OTHER past incidents we have to say no alcohol on site for our 4S Ranch karate or any other themed party.

We usually ask you to gather up all your belongings in about 20 minutes after the party.  After all you just have to grab your stuff, we will handle the cleanup.  Again just let us know if you need additional accommodations and we will help you out.  

West Coast Martial Arts Academy is proud to be hosting 4S Ranch Parkour classes since 2011!

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